Protected: Armed Robbery Management

Armed Robbery Prevention & Survival Skills

Anybody that reads the newspaper or listens to the news on TV would notice the significant increase in the instance of soft target armed robbery.

By soft target we mean those businesses that are easy prey for armed robbers, i.e. those persons who are willing to attend those businesses and through the use of violence, threatening behavior or force, steal or attempt to steal cash, stock or other valuables.

The instances of armed robbery is now such a regular occurrence that business owners are obligated and have a duty of care to ensure that employees have the risk associated with such robberies minimised to an extent where their working environment is as safe as it can be.

As an employer you are duty bound under workplace health and safety legislation and common law principles to provide a safe place of work for your employees.

The most important asset to any business is its people. At Bullet Proof Your Business our objective is to educate you to look after your people, to comply with your duty of care, avoid litigation and make your working environment a safe place for your people. In doing this, we aim to fulfill the three following objectives:

  • Risk management of your work environment;
  • Education of staff and procedures to be adopted during an armed robbery;
  • The operational procedures need to be adopted following a robbery.

Risk Management of your Premises

Risk management commences with a risk assessment of the workplace environment. During this risk assessment you will identify all potential risks to your workers. Your objective will be to minimise these risks through analysis and control and then on an ongoing basis monitor these risks. Ask yourself the follow questions and work out whether you have risks in these areas? We remind you that the examples we provide you are not exhaustive to any extent, and you may identify other risks. If you are reading this document, the answer to this question is probably ‘yes’.

  •  Are you the owner of a .soft target. business for an Armed Robbery?
  • Are you doing everything you can to provide safety to your employees in their workplace and if not, are you a sitting duck for litigation?
  • How well are your premises protected in terms of its general security?
  • Is entry allowed through the rear door during trading? If it is, should it be prevented?
  • Do your staff members have the ability to prevent access to their workplace by members of the public on short notice?
  • How do you secure cash and other valuables?
  • Is it the case that all cash on the premises can be quickly accessed by a person who is threatening your staff?
  • Or is the majority of cash secured away from the main operating area, preferably in a time delay safe?
  • Do you have a clear opening and closing routine policy?
  • What is the policy you have in place now which involves the training and supervision of staff on safety measures relating to armed robbery?
  • Have you done training before or is this your first attempt to train staff for a potential future robbery?
  • Do you have a policy in place regarding staff using and maintaining security equipment?
  • Do you have a policy relating to the action to be taken in the event of a robbery?
  • How do you help staff after a robbery?
  • Do you have a public relations strategy relating to the media post robbery?

These questions are examples only of the sort of risk that may be apparent in your business. If they are, you need to treat these risks, and implement practices to minimise or eliminate them.

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